About us

This project belongs entirely to Theo and Mary, two teachers who live in Spain and share their passion for teaching, as well as their lives.

Mary has a Master’s Degree with honours in English literature, and has worked as a teacher since 2004, giving lessons of English language,  literature and culture, as well as Business English, both in Italy and Spain.

Theo is the Head of Studies of a language school, where he teaches English to both kids and adults, and has also worked as an instructor at a  full-immersion teenage summer camp for several years.


One response to “About us

  1. Hi Theo, hi Mary, I just “followed” you on Twitter. Your Twitter profile mentions neurolinguistics, music and chocolate… our whole online language-learning concept is all about two of these (we will tackle chocolat-based learning in 2013…). In case we are not yet on your radar, check us out at http://www.english-attack.com

    Would love your feedback; regards and all the best!

    Paul Maglione
    Co-founder, English Attack!
    Twitter: @paulmaglione

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