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Have you got a problem in class that you can’t solve? Have you tried anything, but you still cannot deal with it? Maybe you can find something useful here.

HAVE YOU EVER…? – part 1

It might be quite hard for some students to fully understand how to use the present perfect well.

This is why, instead of a long list of examples and a 30-minute lecture on “How to Use the Present Perfect Simple and Continuous”, you might want to try this: teaching them one function at a time in a particular context. It can turn out to be very effective… and not so boring!

Today we will focus on questions with have you ever + past participle to ask people if they have done something in their lives.

Make questions using the prompts given:

  1. have/Japanese food?
    Have you ever had Japanese food?
  2. argue/with your best friend?
  3. smoke/a cigarette?
  4. eat/raw meat?
  5. lose/your passport?
  6. meet/a celebrity?
  7. drink/whiskey?
  8. drive/a car?
  9. play/tennis?
  10. ride/a horse?
  11. get/a tattoo?
  12. cheat/on an exam?
  13. climb/a mountain?
  14. win/a competition?
  15. see/a whale?
  16. write/a poem?

Then have the students ask and answer questions, either in pairs (A asks B, B asks A) or in “chain” (A asks B, who in turn asks C, who in turn asks D, etc.).

Next time we’ll deal with have you ever and the verb go. Bye!


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Shut up?

What should I do if my kids are being too loud?

The answer is easy: DO NOT SHOUT! What is the point in yelling “SHUT UP”? With them yelling and you yelling at them, it’s just gonna be mayhem. If you want to save the situation, just keep calm, arms folded (which is quite a hostile position), and with a serious – though not angry – expression on your face.

Wait for them to notice the change, and believe me: it doesn’t take long! Generally one of them will give the alert. When they are silent, just explain the situation to them, always emphasizing the correct behaviour.

Now you can start your class!

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