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In this exercise, students will have to choose whether to use the verb do or the verb make, and also conjugate the verb using the appropriate tense.

  1. My neighbours are always ___________ a lot of noise.
  2. After dinner, my sister usually ___________ the washing up.
  3. Excuse me, could you please ___________ me a favour?
  4. Don’t forget to ___________ your homework before going to bed.
  5. Sheila has ___________ a great effort to pass the exam.
  6. In her free time, Daniel usually ___________ crosswords.
  7.  ___________ your best and try to work harder next time.
  8. After ___________ the bed, Francis had breakfast.
  9. It won’t ___________ you any harm to tidy up your room.
  10. You have just finished ___________ this exercise!



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