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Complete the following sentences with the appropriate preposition. Use IN, AT, or ON.

  1. Dad isn’t _____ the kitchen.
  2. Jamie is sitting ____ the park bench.
  3. I don’t like lying ____ the sofa, I prefer sitting ____ the armchair.
  4. Could you put this book back ____ the shelf, please?
  5. Sit down and open your books ____ page 16.
  6. I’ll see you tomorrow ____ the station.
  7. Come here, don’t stand ____ the doorway, have a seat!
  8. I live ____ Willow Lane.
  9. I live ____ 23 Willow Lane.
  10. I can’t stand Sam: he’s never ____ time!

Note: by limiting the number of prepositions to three, the exercise turns out to be much easier for students. In case you want to make things harder, don’t tell them which prepositions they have to use, and mix this exercise together with other similar ones.


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