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A nice way to improve or strengthen your vocabulary knowledge: practising synonyms and antonyms.

Match the following words, specify whether they are synonyms or opposites, then practise them making a sentence with each word.

  1. brief
  2. type
  3. glance
  4. wealthy
  5. short
  6. furious
  7. plain
  8. delay
  9. simple
  10. broke
  11. quicken
  12. sort
  13. sure
  14. look
  15. stuffy
  16. airy
  17. query
  18. frantic
  19. confident
  20. doubt

Example: brief is a synonym of short.

  • I’m sorry, we are running out of time, your statement will have to be brief.
  • I would like to tell you a short anecdote.

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If you want to do the shopping in English, you need to know what to ask for… but also HOW to ask for it. So which things go with which amounts?

expressing quantities

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Hello teachers all over the world!

Are you currently teaching your kids some classroom vocabulary? Then I guess this activity is right for you!

A match-and-colour activity, easy to do in class, even with preschool kids.

Have fun!

school objects


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